September 22, 2020

BeerBiceps aka Ranveer Allahbadia on fitness, being obese & fatshamed, judgmental relatives |Journey

But I can't call myself like Tulsi Ticeps or something I had to stick with like BeerBiceps one uncle had taken out me for a lunch and he just said let's go out for lunch and over course of lunch I realize that he tried to convince me to not

do YouTube I use to watch lot of content during college lots of American Fitness Channels European Fitness Channels and I always thought somebody in India should do like that was always my thought when I started liking and loving people on the web who are content creators and that's

exactly new profession on the blog Thanks to some really cool content creators that we have This is one person that I have really enjoyed watching also because he sympathetic, empathetic and a fabulous stalker so welcoming BeerBiceps, also you know Ranveer people like you like I said you, Prajakta

Kohli, Bhuvan Bham has been content creating and the content creator's job I'm not calling you an influencer yet you are an influencer but in a very nice way you are also content creator which is very creatively done in influnencer you have made it a regular thing like today's

parents would be okay if someone says I want to become a content creator how do you see that because it wasn't available when we were kids yeah, 100% when I was starting out my parents didn't understand what I was doing there is lot of back clash i had

to face at home but when I look back I see maybe it was the suffering I had to endure so the future generation I' sound like old person future of this social media and this country is easier I feel that money and all that is just going to

increase so even if you're like smallest content creator but you have capabality of creating videos, or creating pod cast or even writting lot's of money to be made lot's of growth to be held you can grow in any directions plus the media industry as bad the name as

it has the previous generation this generation people insight like Nayandeep yourself I would also vouch for it it's lot of good people there is lot of good people out therein the industry who are collaborative who want to grow together so I think it's great time for a kid

to enter and I'm happy also part of that change absolutely like you said you had to convince your parents because they didn't had any clue of what are you getting into how did you convince and what are your kind of opinions that you had to face not just

from your parents from your relatives because relatives is a bad word I think in most of our dictionary yeah even family friends I remember when I was starting out no one use to like what I did so one uncle had taken me out fora lunch and he just

said let's go out for lunch and over the course of the lunch I realized he is trying to convince me to not do YouTube and he is telling me this is when after I have crossed 1000-2000 subscribers which was quite a big number for 2015 and he thinks

about the finance course and he was telling me how should I be doing it just forget all this timepass and all and today when I meet him he remembers that conversation he takes photos of me shows it to his kids it feels nice that time it was little

hard for sure but as long as you are able to explain your business plan on paper and somehow ask your parents couple of years to establish yourself I will work really hard in those two years you will be fine how did you convince your parents like what did

you tell them because I think your parents are one of those who are supportive like I will vouched for it because this happened to me also one of my father's friends I was a science student and I was a good student and I wanted to do Jouranalism because

I had act for it and I was writing for paper in KolKata I wanted to do Journalism and my father;s friend came and told why are you making him do Journalism it has no scope and exactly the same things happened I want to know but my parents were

supportive they understood it they know they didn't had clue about surrounding what will happen but they supported me how did you convince them so I told my parents I'm doing a start up I didn't tell them I am doing YouTube and I just told them I am just

marketing on YouTube I'm making videos so that my start up gets better marketing I didn't tell them my eventual plans which were to become a YouTuber which were exactly the things I am doing right now I had to lie to them to get my things done about 2

years my way around it but I am glad that I did what was your first thought when did you introduced to the idea of becoming a content creator I use to watch a lot of content during college lot's of American Fitness channels Europe Fitness channels and I always

thought people from India should do this is my thought I never thought I will be the guy who will do it in the Indian way but Honest thought when I started let's do it in Indian way because no one is doing it so I will be the first

person so that is the only thought and I am glad I took that thought where does this name comes from BeerBiceps how did you chance upon this username I think the person I was that time I use to workout a lot and I use to drink a lot

and honestly the idea was like explain to people that you can stay fit and also party really hard balance the two version of your life over time I have stopped drinking I don't do I am not as much into body building any more I am much more into

Yoga Ayurved but I can't myself like Tulsi Triceps or something I had to stick with the BeerBiceps because it's brand name in the beginning when you were kid when you were in teenage years did you face lot of bullying because when you created that channel BeerBiceps you were

giving fitness tips it wasn't setting out unrealistic body standards for people which is why people connected to you was there time when you had to face those unrealistic body shaming or demand sin life I grew up obis which has his own story lot of people grow up fat

shaming me all that that actually motivated me to get into shape continuously strive to get fit all the time so I kind of look at fat shaming phase as good I don't look that negatively but when I started actually gyming body training most Indian gyms have body shaming

as a part of culture you enter to gym and you see someone saying Hey your Bicep has become so small they say your body is gone it's the first thing before you say Hello I think if you go to environment like this everyday you inject all that into

reality so those thought start coming and you also start judging other guys so even you start body shaming other people it's very negative toxic environment which is why I feel corona virus is shut shop for many gyms in the country but we gonna see whole new way of

lifestyle fitness Yoga is going to come back home fitness even after the corona virus situation is gone I think we are going to see big change in the world of fitness you have been so honest enough to admit that when this kind of body shaming happen at the

gym you also tend to tend to body shame people have you ever unintentionally done that and regreted it I probably did it with 1-2 of my clients when I was a trainer but I didn't like person in the gym who would go up to others and say I

knew how that felt I was empathetic enough to understand this doesn't feel nice so don't do it to other human being fortunately I was empathetic enough to like not look into another person but I would see my thought patterns changing I would see myself judging other people which

I didn't enjoy why should I care this guy has gotten pounch on his belly whatever he has become bit chubbier then he was I didn't even like the fact I was sub conciously judging people when you became such a big brand when you established your self like

that as a content creator did you see people's perception around you change or try to like tell you no don't do it yeah 100% like most content creators who go through situation like that tend to become arrogant and that happened to me as well now I am like

with 50k subscribers which isn't big it feels way bigger than zero subscribers you definetily have way of arrogance also people around you has to bring down I remember my boys brought it down they said don't say these things don't think these things my boys really helped me ground

me in that phase but at the same time you see a lot of jealously speacially in fitness domain I remember the gym I use to go to I was actually thrown out of that gym because trainer thought I was learning from and I wasn't learning from him This

guy is learning our stuff putting on YouTube and stealing all our clients it was like it didn't make sense so I got thrown out of my gym so things like that also happened everything leads you to better future if people are pushing you away you are not meant

to keep them in your circles when did you realize and discover talk show host from being a web creator who talks about fitness to talk show host it's different kind of transition but you manged both of the when did you realize that I only believed in re invention

at every stage of my career I don't think it was consious to become a talk show host I knew I had good conversation with good people because I had interesting friends I had grown up with interesting friends so I knew how to hold the conversation that's all I

am sure this is not my last transition I am going to do at least for 20-30 years and there is going to be lot more transition it can't be podcast host forever so let's see but you are amazing at what you do I must say that when we

are talking about content creation on web do you remember your first video how many views did it get were you anxious about knowing what who has commented because it happened to me also when I did my first video with PINKVILLA I think definetly in first week or so

I was very like kind of aware plus I enjoy the attention I am not gonna lie and there waas no one doing fitness for Indians back then so my videos crossed 1000 2000 views very easily because I had done search engine stuff very well so I enjoyed the

attention I wasn't very anxious I started getting anxious after 2-3 months into getting the process when first initial hate comment start coming in that's only time hater have ever affected to me probably 1-2 times after that something is gone viral and virality brings it's own steam of hate

but those were one of few times when I felt hate when I just started coming in do you remember what they had said again it was when you create fitness content the whole fitness community in India is very aggressive they are very aggressive people you will always find

people who love you aggressively and hate you aggressively so hate you aggressively kind of people will dis you for anything I was in great shape back then but they would still come and body shame me you blame yourself also so many people body shaming me you realize the

nature of online hate Thank you for this conversation and we are going to do something really soon together god willing very soon and keep up the good work because you definetly end up inspiring lot of people including me Thank you brother god bless you Thank you

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