September 21, 2020

ARKK COPENHAGEN, JAK SHOES, AXEL ARIGATO – 3 best sneakers under 150$ 2019

so for todays video i've got shoes from threedifferent brands that i think are worth checking and they are all under 150 bucks and i candefinitely say that these brands are highly under the radar from the hypebeast communityand make sure to stick around untill the end because one of the shoes that i'm gonna talkabout, i've already got it right here with me in person.

but before we get started, if you are brandnew to the channel i'm Enjay and on this channel we focus a lot about hair and fashion.

in hair i'm gonna show you a lot of differentkind of product reviews, some tutorials and how to's.

fashion wise i'm here to show alldifferent kinds of clothing, shoes and so on.

My main focus is on smaller brands and newbrands or brands that are typically under the radar so if that sounds like somethingfor you, stick around and make sure to subscribe.

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So the first brand i want to talk about isa brand called Jak Shoes.

they were founded back in 2014 in Portugaland what I really like about this brand is that their shoes are very minimal and theyhave a very clean look.

I especially love the low top shoes, I thinkthey are very cool.

It's something that you can definitely dressup to wear with a little more of a dapper look, but also you can just wear it supercasual.

My personal favorite from this brand mustbe.



it's gotta be either the Royal Arsenic or the Royal Bottle.

The Royal Arsenic is the grey suede shoe witha leather bottom and the Royal Bottle is that olive green kind of color and i really lovethese shoes they are super classy, they are just a little bit different than your typicalsneaker so i really love these.

Now the second brand i want to talk aboutis the Axel Arigato.

The brand here is definitely Japanese inspired.

I don't know if it is an original Japanesebrand.

I don't think it is but you can definitelytell by some of their models that it is very Japanese inspired.

Now what i love about these are also thatlike the Jak Shoe they are super minimal, they are super classy and especially the lowtops I think are very cool and the way you can tell that it's a Japanese inspired brandis that with some of their shoes you can get some colorful prints which definitely givesthis Japanese kind of look to it.

Normally these shoes are a little over 200dollars I think they are about 220 bucks but you can often find them on sale and as I'mfilming the video here they have some of their models on sale right now at around 110$ youcan get it half price so that is actually a super good deal and the ones they have onsale now is the cap toe sneaker which is a suede sneaker with a leather toe and theyhave a light brown color to it and as i said at a 110$ I think it's a super good deal sogo check them out.

Now the last brand I want to talk about isactually a danish brand so that's always of course gonna be in my radar as I am from Denmark.

But the brand here is Called Arkk Copenhagenand ones i found this brand here I fell in love immediately.

I love so many of their styles.

I think they have such a cool, clean stylishlook to it and even though this is a typical sneaker that you probably won't dress up supermuch I really love the shoes here and I've actually already got one of their shoes withme in person today that I want to show you.

But first I want to show you one of theirnewer styles that they've got that I haven't been able to get yet but these are the RavenMesh-E15 I think it's called and it's the camel brown color that i really love on theseshoes.

I think it's such a good look I always lovethe combination of the brown and black colors scheme so I really love these and they gofor normally about 110$ but actually right now you can get it for half price which means55$.

I think it's a killer price and you shoulddefinitely go check them out if their style.

The ones that I have with me right now isthe same kind of model but a different color and one of the things that I fell in lovewith after I got this pair home is that they are super light and the material is so softand so nice.

Maybe not the best shoe for the winter timebut in the summer they are so comfortable walking in.

I really like this clean look to it so definitelya big recommendation from me if you want to go check them out.

I'll make sure to have the links to all ofthem down below if you are interested but tell me down below which suits your stylemost.

Is there one that stuck out to you a littlebit more or do you have any of these shoes already?.

That's all that I have today so thank youfor sticking around.

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See you next time.


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