September 24, 2020

A Fitness Journey Michael Herberts – Rocky Point Fitness

My name is Michael Herbertsand I'm a full-time practicing dentist and I have been for 33 years.

I have three children and my wife and a big dog.

Fitness sort of came into playabout seven years ago for me.

Over the years, I've been toa couple of the gyms on my own.

They walk you through the machines and so forth, no what the machine was supposed to be doing and what I was supposed to be getting out of it and boredom sets in really quickly.

So within a very short period of time, you just don't feel motivated to go anymore.

So I did try it a few times and it really.



the gym scene was definitelynot for me at that level.

Two of my children introduced me to Rocky Point.

The kids had been doing the workouts for a while and thought I should try it out.

At that point, I thought I was in not bad shape.

I'm probably looking about.



I was probably average.

I was your average male adult at 50 years old who thoughtI was in reasonable condition and that's when I realized being overall fit and just being maybe lean and in not bad condition was quite different.

So it really opened my eyesto what overall functional fitness was.

The private sessions were.



a really nice introductionto learning about functional fitness because they scaled itto whatever level I was at at the time and you really have personal instruction making sure that you weren't overdoing things and you're doing things correctly.

The nice thing at that time, and I know it's evolved a little bit over the years, I was able to extend my private sessions until both of us, I think, felt comfortablewith me joining the group workout.

The group workout, initially, when you look at it was a little intimidating for me and so I extended my one-on-one for a while and then started the group workout.

You know, I think that'sthe neat thing about Rocky Point, is it seems to eliminate the.



the issue of age, of ability, of body type, of gender.



When you get here, you are focused and certainly I am focusedon what I'm there to accomplish that day.

And you sort of forget in many respectsabout the crowd that's around you but it is really nice to see howrespectful everybody is of each other, so that if I'm the slowestin that particular workout, people wait till you're finishedand people are cheering you on.

And, again, you don't see thatin any other fitness program that I've seen.

It's very different than any other gym I've been to in terms of its inclusiveness and I think you.



everybody that I talk to, everybody that I see and it doesn't matter what age, what gender, what fitness level they're at, they feel that there is a community here and they get to know each other not just within the gym circumstances, in the gym environment, but outside as well.

They've done whitewater rafting, they've done surfing, they've done skiing.

You know, they really have engaged everybody and, again, to whatever fitness levelsand ability levels that they are.

That's why you see so many people.

Like I have faces herethat have been here as long as I have.

I have a number of patientsthat do come to Rocky Point now and I do see them here and actually I have one of my staff members also who's involved as well.

So it is somewhat contagious and it's nice to see, you know, people that I've known over the years and I've treated over the years who, as a result of my dedication, have committed as well.

I was pleased over the last six years every year I've gotten stronger when I was involved in competition and very often at the.



because we host them here, there tends to be a great crowd supporting, which really changes the atmosphere and brings out the best, I think, in most athletes and in most cases I've ended upgetting personal bests for some of my lifts and so forthduring the competitions.

In Festivus in the spring we did cleans and I think I had beat my previous by 15 pounds, which is pretty significant you know, consideringjust weeks before I was at much less.

So it really brings outthe best in everybody, I think.

I don't feel as though I know everything for sure.

Every time I come I learn something new and I think that's the interesting thingabout Rocky Point is they are continually.



the coaches are there mentoring us on a day-to-day basis.

No matter how long you've been hereand how good you think you are you can always do somethingdifferently or better.

So if can pass some of the mistakesI've made over the years to some of the new people that have come in, I do.

But I still have lots to learn.

You know, to jump in at my age seemed daunting but I look back nowand it was the best thing I ever did so I don't think age is an issue.

I think anybody who wants to makea commitment and get in shape and really have functional fitness, now is the time to do it and it doesn't really matterwhether you're 20 years old or whether you're 70 years old.

The nice thing here is the coaches are one-on-one and everything is scaledto whatever your abilities are and so one person may be lifting 10 poundsand the other may be lifting 100 but it doesn't matter.

They're both doing it and it beats the alternative.

I don't see an end at this point, you know.

I'm probably the healthiest I've beenin my entire life at this point and so I look at the last seven years as being somewhat life-changing for me and so I don't see any reasonto change the course that I'm on, and as long as I can keep arriving at the gym and keep going through the workouts, I'll be here.


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