September 21, 2020

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chamber painted character you know there's no location business but we know we're in France one favor really there's nothing to be found enough also in okay one precise but that's what this is because most people in their twenties have learned to think yet you know you know the rainbow feeling is phenomenal you can see that moment you said there've a time the attractions well I hope particularly interesting in Ireland in it's just after the crash and you always here the definitely chewing on the Celtic Tiger and seriously then I really can't it became yes under today's obsession and that passion all fell apart during the and I think hoodoo we've been talking about conversations with friends by Sally Rooney I'm Marie doctor your choice love iTunes really for one of the these are three generation writers and that is just amazing to me I found that Haley anyway so yeah I mean I suppose I was about 25 the reason I read it was [Music] which is a location it's an [Music] for 20 years again see one because she has as she believed us sayonara to sign a little nuts wink and the novel begins with her sitting being interviewed by an American Jew and we learn what about her long and the six remaining existent which starts off in a brothel and Paul women who were different to everybody else's so they're rock talk and then comments there and do things to them and then she moves on and in her life and meets all kind of extraordinary creatures and then I said because two-thirds of the mobile aspect within the circus environment as she becomes headline with his circus which travels across the globe and the trans-siberian Express and it's the most epic [Music] it seems to me ugly that one [Music] razzmatazz in the illusion and um because it very romanticized beautiful and I always been in the past and what dangers exist narsing apart you know let's not be this he didn't show much okay in secrecy she's very strong got a Maggi of our ability to get out of situations if she's endlessly being kidnapped wicked women and we get there we playing with them she's kidnapped because she's she is bleeding she survivors my just been in everything but she is a realist I needs to pay the bills I have had a very different life and death if you've never had money you know when I'm talking that's our appetite our bodies didn't particularly during an art I would have felt this need to hide my ambition or that I wanted to succeed because that's not seen as particularly family that's really important and particularly everyone and the importance of women having interesting the nurse also as well as being hungry and making her own way and not being pending on anyone she is so terrific really to be vulgar at one point he's described as it was young American journalist if you go just before night she's a she's an amazing character so jam character and sound you know it's both that is just like nice also it to be anyways whether it's open like that borderline between me and it seems to me that she uses it Angela Carter very markedly I am told I do think it's really useful and I think with only ever yours to the dystopian novel a feminist dystopian novel in the vein and then with the service grapes which of the families retelling and after that the mermaid I thought it was really useful to take elements of everyday life I found some magic but we've actually normalized as a society and then exaggerated them and put them in a fantastical setting so that the reader will say oh this thing or this culture behavior that I've accepted is actually very strange and very unhelpful having a joke between us because more imagine it's real when of course they're not really it's a very game going on here which is where we started and that's the whole thing so goodbye Angela till depressed and friends Oh until the autumn afraid that it but if you'd like more summer reading suggestions you'll find a wide range made by guests as very SST and fried skin necros off and Hugo Rifkin by searching for a good read online or by D Phi Phi O'Hara and although a big thank you to today's guests anne-marie Duff and Louise only and you till October thanks for listening a code read was pretty steamed pressed on my Eliza boomers how much does the general public really grasp about economics and can people vote effectively they don't really ask policies about the during elections I bought you Genomics commentator about investigating looking at the roles that education and the media to play are we joined back for the US Treasury secretary and Nobel prize-winning economists and leading British politicians academics and journalists economics 101 from Friday morning at 11:00 BBC Radio 4 it says BBC Radio 4 it's now 5:00 o'clock time 4:00 p.


with Eddie Mair the fire would like a flamethrower many people know the last one many people of houses lost everything beam's they had lit before the deluge of water hit their homes the dam was part of a hydroelectric power station being built with South Korean and Thai companies the developers said relentless rain had caused the giant structure to collapse it had been under construction for five years who was supposed to start generating power next year louses Prime Minister.

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